Immigration Lawyers in Chicago

Chicago Immigration Lawyers

Immigration is one of the most significant issues facing businesses and individuals today. Our Chicago immigration lawyers provide services in all areas of immigration practice, including immigrant and non immigrant visas, asylum, deportation defense, detention, waivers of inadmissibility, employment authorization, litigation and appeals. We are also very active in obtaining naturalization approvals and appeals, particularly involving criminal issues and medical disability exemptions. Our Chicago immigration attorneys strive to remain counselors of choice by understanding the needs of our clients, offering personalized support and consistently providing quality service.

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Divorce and Family Lawyers

Our attorneys also handle domestic relations matters involving dissolution of marriage, child support, custody and other family law issues. While the nature of our work is often adversarial, our goal is to provide quality legal counsel and aggressive representation for clients in an ethical, civil manner and at a reasonable cost.

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Business Lawyers

In the area of business law, our lawyers provide a full array of modern legal services at a competitive cost for all of our clients. We handle legal issues relevant to your business, including business formation, commercial and business litigation, commercial real estate, selling or acquiring a business, drafting and reviewing contracts. With capable and dedicated lawyers, we are able to work closely with any client and to furnish expert and timely legal services at a reasonable cost. In additon, Azita M. Mojarad has an MBA and has practical business experience in the area of accounting and financial markets, giving her a unique perspective on your situation.

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Criminal Lawyers

In the area of criminal defense, we take representing our clients very seriously. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and resourceful attorneys who dedicate ourselves to achieving optimal results for our clients, whether that means fighting for the rights of a client in court or working to reach a settlement. Among our most current cases:

  • In a case where the government alleged a university student had sent anonymous e-mails to university administrators one day after the shooting rampage at another university, securing probation and community service.
  • In a case where the government alleged sixteen counts of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers ACT (IEEPA) by exporting shipments of equipment from the U.S. to Iran, securing probation and $1,000 fine.

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We pride ourselves with the ability of our lawyers to provide clients with care, consideration, and dedication, as well as quality legal work. Following these standards has contributed to our growth and loyal clients. The firm however remains committed to a small firm philosophy, where our attorneys focus on offering personalized attention to its clients and enjoys established relationships which date back to the founding of the firm. We welcome the opportunity for our lawyers to be of assistance.

The Law Offices of Azita M. Mojarad, P.C. is a multi-service law firm established in 2000 in Chicago, Illinois. Our Chicago-based attorneys focus their practice in Immigration & Naturalization Law, Divorce & Family Law, Business Law, and Criminal Law.